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The Blue Ear by NelsonRibeiro The Blue Ear by NelsonRibeiro
Hey gang,

I know this blog is a little later than usual but I've had a pretty amazing week! I got to create something special for an amazing little boy! I got to meet Anthony Smith, a real hero!

Here's his mom's original letter to editor supreme, Bill Rosemann:

Hi there -

I am the mom of a super hero mad 4 year old. He lives and breathes super heroes, he also has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder - mosaic trisomy 22. The good news is that his physical challenges are workable, he is mentally perfect, and while he will be having a heart surgery this summer - he is on the mend. The challenge that he will face for his entire life are his hearing impairments. He has no ear, and a complete hearing loss on his right side and mild loss on his left. He currently wears 2 hearing aids.

Today as he was getting dressed I was putting on his "Blue Ear," the aid he wears on his left ear. He did not want to put it on, he told me super heroes do not wear blue ears. To get myself out of a bind I told him that sure they do - in fact Captain America has one under his mask. After repeated questioning he believed me - but I was wondering - maybe you have an intern, or someone who would like a challenge - could you make a little guy's day by drawing him a hearing impaired super hero?

Thanks for considering this - I am likely to get stuck in your spam filter - but you never know - have a great day - I am attaching a picture of Anthony so you can see one of your dedicated customers.


Then another superstar editor, Lauren Sankovitch passed the letter on to me asking if I wanted to come up with something.

I was so moved by the story, there was no way I WASN'T going to draw something! As I was reading Anthony's story, the name for his device just kept sticking out to me. "Blue Ear." It just sounded like a super hero name. All that was missing was the, "The" in front of it. So I went home and drew out a few sketches of what "The Blue Ear" would look like. From the story, I knew Anthony didn't want to wear his device, so I wanted to make sure that The Blue Ear's listening device was very prominent and very important to his ability as a super hero. I even tried to write all the captions in a way which would focus on how important it is for the Blue Ear to wear his device. Hopefully, Anthony would also realize how important it is for him to wear it everyday as well!
Here was my drawing:
KylerAndrae Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
So inspiring, to me as person that more than 2/3 deaf! xD with hearing aids!
Glowious Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
I love this story, so sweet. I want to make Anthony a sock monkey of blue ear
JBEmmett Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
Awesome story Nelson! Great drawing, and as someone who dealt with a hearing loss while growing up, I would definitely have appreciated a superhero like The Blue Ear!
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